Clean Energy Fest

Clean Energy Fest 2017

The Future of Energy, Art…and Fun.

Saturday, November 4, 2017 11am to 5pm


With live entertainment, great food, cold drinks and displays going continuously, Pensacola’s third annual Clean Energy Fest brings renewable energy and fun to downtown Pensacola. This event celebrates a clean energy future through art, food, live music, and dynamic people showcasing solar, wind, and people-power for the 21st century.

We’ll have a special Interactive Kid’s Area where your kids can participate in hands-on experiments, create art and cook S’mores on a solar over.

The Fest is part of the 2017 Pensacola Foo Foo Festival, and takes place at the UWF Historic Trust’s Museum Plaza, located at 120 Church St. in downtown Pensacola.


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Art Exhibition


Crossing Boundaries: Art and the Future of Energy is a national juried art exhibition featuring works by national and local artists in all genres to give artistic expression to a clean energy future. Judges for the competition will include artists and designers from the Gulf Coast art community, university faculty, and clean energy specialists.

The exhibition is available during regular business hours at the Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA) throughout November and December. A special digital “deep dive” of the show will be available at the PMA Tent at Museum Plaza from 11-5 on November 4th.


Interactive Kids Area

Our Interactive Kid’s Area, led by Heather Reed with Teen Socialize with Education will use fun to teach conservation and clean energy. Kids will be able to participate in hands-on science experiments, create art and cook S’mores on a solar oven.


Special Guest Artists and Entertainment


Environmental justice advocate Hilton Kelley visits Pensacola to share the story of his internationally-known battle to stop pollution of communities along the Texas coast. Kelley is a recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize, which honors grassroots environmental heroes from the world’s six inhabited continental regions.

Mr. Kelley lends his experience in Texas to a range of environmental issues in the Pensacola-area, and how grassroots activism can effect change on issues from climate change to air pollution. His work has led him to testify before the Texas Legislature and the US Senate, address UNESCO in Paris, and meet President Obama at the White House.

Mr. Kelley hails from a largely African-American neighborhood in Port Arthur, TX, where residents have long suffered from emissions spewing from eight major petrochemical and hazardous waste facilities nearby. His work led to reductions in emissions, health coverage for residents, and establishment of a $3.5 million fund to help entrepreneurs launch new businesses in the community.


Born in Galveston TX, raised in Port Arthur TX, this R@B sensation is sending shock waves through TX/LA singing at various venues through the southern states. The singer, dancer, and writer is just enjoying life right now. Grasping the moment is what it’s all about...........Audio


Plantbot combines imagination, possibility and reality as plants are grafted onto remote controlled robotic bases to create a poetic plant-robot hybrid.

The question is – what will, what can, it all become? What can it do for our future food needs? Come, see, learn at the PlantBot display.


Regional and Local Performers


This international songwriting musical duo are from the Gulf Coast. Self-described as “modern day Bards,” these verse-making, music composing, story telling artists are always an event favorite.


Bluegrass, old time gospel, unplugged Americana music. That’s what these guys play and that’s why their audiences love them…and that’s why we have them returning this year.


This local performing arts group, led by choreographer Eleanor Johnson, provides an intriguing mix of music, vocals, dance and verbal presentations.


Created in 2003 by Vivian Lamont, this band features children from age seven to high school age. Their music is loud and fun and is the perfect outlet for young, budding musicians. They regularly perform at events throughout the Pensacola area.


Writer, humorist, illustrator, photographer and stand up comedian all rolled into one person, Gulf Breeze resident Leanna Conley will bring the art of levity to our event. Yes, stand up comedy is an art form... and a communication bridge and a crowd pleaser. 

Leanna has also written and published several books including The Adventures of Officer Bob on Patrol, and The Janet Chronicles: Surviving my Backstage Mother.


More Activities....

A newly-built tiny house constructed by Pensacola State College Students inspires with innovative design that makes “small”  live LARGE.

Displays of Tesla electric cars.

Solar panels will demonstrate the latest real-world applications of clean energy and conservation.

And Lots of Great Food

Rolling Embers Pizza will be here with fire fresh, made-to-order pizza all from their famous mobile brick oven and

End of the Line Cafe will be here as well with their fabulous organic, healthy and vegan cuisine.