Clean Energy Fest

About the Pensacola Clean Energy Fest

Clean Energy Fest Pensacola started in 2015 with the goal of showing how living a clean energy life and having a clean energy community can be fun, interesting, and not as difficult as we may think.

Each year we’ve had the good fortune to do this in conjunction with Pensacola’s Foo Foo Fest, sharing in its excitement and, we hope, helping to increase upon that excitement. At our Clean Energy Fest area, we willteach and show our community the benefits to both our lives and to our community of Pensacola if we all start changing our habits today.

And remember, big change starts with little steps, and little changes, that are practiced every day and every week until one day you realize you have been part of something really BIG. A change that benefits us all.

The Clean Energy Fest is the only event of its kind in the Gulf Coast region. Brought to you by 350 Pensacola and sponsored by the Foo Foo Fest and Pensacola Community Action Network (Pensacola CAN), this event is growing each year and will entertain, educate and fascinate all who attend.

Pensacola CAN is providing its fiscal and management services and help the Clean Energy Fest receive funding to organize the event.


Pensacola Community Action Network

Pensacola Community Action Network (CAN)

Our vision is to transform the community by being a trusted ally for community projects and donors.

Many people have amazing ideas for improving their community, but don’t have the administrative skills or financial knowledge needed to bring their ideas to fruition. Pensacola Community Action Network (Pensacola CAN, or PCAN) is a locally-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed to provide administrative support and tax exempt status to qualifying community projects.

Partnering with PCAN allows the project, large or small, to begin raising money immediately and gain the credibility of a known and trusted financial partner. By serving as an incubator for new projects, or as a mentor to existing projects, PCAN allows project leaders to access and benefit from the experience and success of others while retaining creative and operational control of their efforts.

PCAN provides expert vetting of our partner projects so that only reputable and effective organizations are represented. Donors to our partner projects can be assured that the monies they are investing in the community are managed and spent as they intended—pairing great ideas with financial accountability.

With additional funding, we plan to conduct a major community outreach effort to find caring people we can support in bringing their ideas and passions forward to create new projects. In so doing, we hope to help create many great community projects that are unlikely to happen without our support.

PCAN helps to remove the barriers that community projects face, which is good for the project, good for the donor, and good for the community. Everybody wins!

The Team

Christian Wagley


Christian Wagley is principal of Sustainable Town Concepts, a consulting firm working under the premise that the most environmentally-beneficial thing we can do is to create healthy places for people. He is a certifying agent for the Florida Green Building Coalition and works with builders, architects, developers, and communities to create homes, buildings and landscapes that use less energy and water and are beautiful and durable. Christian has a long history of community work and advocacy in Pensacola, leading him to good relationships with many community leaders, elected officials, and citizens.

Jim Sparks


Jim Sparks works at the intersection of academia, business, and community to create new opportunities for building a better world. His recent community activities include creating the annual Clean Energy Fest and “Future of Energy” Art Exhibition, and serving as the Digital Chair for Bike Pensacola. His consultancy, Onpace Local, provides early stage idea vetting, market research, business planning, and coalition building to serial entrepreneurs looking to create new social enterprises. He looks forward to bringing those skills to Pensacola CAN to create a robust infrastructure for providing administrative support for people doing good work in our community.